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day 49: dusk

dusk © Verena Fischer 2011

dusk © Verena Fischer 2011

For some reason my health is not so good these days. One might have to add that this is fairly normal for me, since I have many food allergies and a history of bad health in cold weather. Since it’s autumn and almost October now it’s no real surprise that I’m starting to feel a bit rough. Every year it comes as a bit of a surprise though and it takes me a few weeks to adjust to to it again. It’s no big deal, but it always unsettles me a bit for a little while.

I dragged myself to my diving lesson and that’s about all I managed to do. I hadn’t been driving for about two months and now had to change driving instructor and car which was quite weird. My new driving instructor actually gets quite a bit of road rage going. If someone is just in the way for no apparent reason he gets really annoyed and immediately thinks these people are doing it on purpose just to annoy him. I find that quite amusing actually and have to constrain myself to not laugh about him and his temper. Luckily he doesn’t get impatient with me, although he interferes more in my driving than the last guy. It’s just a matter of style I guess.

Well, with my health and all it was really no wonder that I wasn’t feeling like taking pictures at all. There was a bit of a pretty sunset and I took a few pictures then, but I wasn’t concentrating or trying to get it right. Actually I just wanted to go home and lie in bed. Surprising that I still got at least a half decent picture out of it.

day 48: still not loving police

still not loving police © Verena Fischer 2011

still not loving police © Verena Fischer 2011

Yesterday Ezequiel wanted to go to a bookshop. He already ordered some books on amazon, but you know … it’s his addiction, he just likes books. And I like that he likes books, so I’m not objecting, although I actually have started to feel threatened in bookshops over the last few years. You just go in there and you feel the pressure of all the books screaming at you “Read me, read me”! I just start to feel stressed in bookshops now, because it’s all too clear that there is not enough time in a life to read all the good books in the world. What can you do? That’s just how it is.

We went to Kreuzberg where there is an English language bookshop. I’ve only been to Kreuzberg for tango before so I was pretty surprised when I realised that it’s actually a really nice area. Maybe a little too hip if you look too closely, but definitely nice. There is even an entire bookshop just dedicated to SciFi and Fantasy, I certainly find that appealing! In the same street there is also a crime bookshop too. Well, both indicators that it’s indeed too trendy around there …  which is also reflected by the street art everywhere.

The English language bookshop is in Riemannstraße and it’s full of used books. Most of them are not exactly in good quality and the basement is full of shit science fiction. The person who seemed to be the owner of the shop was shuffling about in not so good health in between playing strategy games on the computer. Although she/he (a definite indefinite case) was helpful it was also obvious that she/he was not entirely bent on selling anything. Most books had a red mark in them saying “lending only” which stopped me from even considering them. After having a good look around we actually went out without buying anything shrugging a bit about the experience.

And yesterday’s picture can also give you an idea of what the street art in the area is like. It made me chuckle a bit, because it’s sort of provocative and not, both at the same time. Love is such a strong word after all.