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day 21: cat flirting with girl

cat flirting with girl

cat flirting with girl © Verena Fischer 2011

These days it’s difficult for me to sleep or relax, because I’m in the middle of finishing my MSc dissertation. If I wouldn’t go out to take pictures every day, I would probably not even leave the house, because I feel I should do more work. That’s why I’m always looking forward to the early evening hours when I grab my camera and think about where to go. It’s a time where I can forget about my research and just relax for a bit.

Yesterday’s photo was taken just a block from here with a new piece of gear I bought: A wide angle converter. As you can see it’s definitely not perfect, since I get bad cut-offs and vignetting in the corners and considerable loss of sharpness towards the edges. I removed the cut-offs, because they’re really a bit too much. Although the converter is far from ideal, it’s nice to try out the effect and decide whether a wide angle lens is worth the investment at some point. Like macro lenses also wide angle lenses are quite expensive, so it’s better to buy a converter to try it first than to buy expensive kit that you will rarely use.

I also realised yesterday that I actually have been almost everywhere in the immediate neighbourhood, even including some of the backyards of quiet side streets. However, if I only go one subway stop from here there is a whole other neighbourhood to explore. It seems that I’m not going to run out of things to take pictures of in a city like Berlin as someone who is mostly interested in the overlooked details of everyday situations.

And even if I run out of things to shoot in the immediate neighbourhood then there is always a piece of new gear to get a different perspective on things. And there is also my trip next week: I will have to go to Brighton to hand in my dissertation and instead of flying directly back here I will make a stop in Düsseldorf to visit my dad. To be more precise, I’ll be going to a boring small town near Düsseldorf where my dad chooses to live for some strange reason. It’s the perfect suburban nightmare with lawnmowers and neighbours who give you strange looks. However, since I will have finished and handed in my dissertation by then, I’ll just use my newfound freedom and go back to some places around there that I really like. Some of them are great spots for taking pictures too.

There is always more to explore!