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day 41: curtain of water

curtain of water © Verena Fischer 2011

curtain of water © Verena Fischer 2011

Yesterday we went to Argentina. And yes, this sentence is meant to confuse you! Actually Ezequiel and me just went to the Argentinian embassy, because he had to do some official business. The embassy is on the 4th floor of a simple office building and as soon as we walked in I noticed that distinct smell of “doctor’s office”.  Strange that an embassy should smell like this; maybe they just use the same cleaning products. A woman at the reception noted our IDs and then we proceeded into a sort of waiting room that obviously was used for presentations and official embassy functions too. On the sofa in this waiting room were two women sitting discussing something. Suddenly one of the women said hi to me and asked me how I was doing. Isn’t it funny that if you don’t expect to see someone you know you don’t immediately recognise them? It was Astrid Weiske who once came to visit Brighton with my dear friend Mareike to give tango workshops. She organises many queer tango events (see here) and unsurprisingly that’s also what she was doing at the Argentinian embassy yesterday morning.

After only a couple of minutes a woman appeared asking Ezequiel to follow him. Apparently there was no space for me in the office, so I just stayed in the waiting room. Astrid and a woman from the embassy were discussing and I looked around, got my camera out of my bag, but then decided not to take pictures. In the end I was looking at a book about Patagonia and it had many stunning pictures of the wild landscapes down in the south of Argentina. I hope that Ezequiel and me can visit Patagonia too when we go to Argentina at the end of the year. It will be summer then and Buenos Aires might be too hot anyway. It actually doesn’t seem so unlikely that we’ll visit some other places too.

It’s starting to get cold here in Berlin and one can already smell autumn in the air. The leaves are falling and there is this crisp feel to the air that is so characteristic for the beginning of the cold days. Yesterday however it was one of these days where you could almost forget about that. The sun was shining and after Ezequiel was done with his embassy business we walked around in the area a bit. We just chose a random street, in this case Bayreuther Straße, and followed it until we reached a square with a little green and a fountain, i.e. Viktoria-Luise-Platz. We sat down on the grass, took pictures and after a while of relaxing in the sunshine we also checked out the camera shop on the corner. It again reminded me that you can spend a seemingly infinite amount of money on photography gear. Well, people who actually have an infinite amount of money to spare, that is. I however, have to stick to just staring at the gear in shop windows and reading reviews about it online.