one day at a time

the delay

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Normally the subway in Berlin can’t really disappoint much. It comes every 4 minutes and delays are hardly ever noticeable. Sometimes they happen though, like in this instance where there was a medical emergency on the train.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Kebab to warm the fingers. This was taken when it was still cold outside.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

OK, not the sharpest picture in the world. In my defence: This was taken at a really dark station. In any case, striped leggings and leopard skin fluffy coat? Well, that sure is a bold fashion statement.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

I like this picture mostly for the old car on the right. Don’t you agree that cars nowadays just look horrific? Can’t they go back to how cars looked like in the 50s?

All pictures taken with my Canon EOS 450D and my Canon EF 35mm f/2.0.

Yesterday was sabotaged by rain. Just when I finally decided to go out it started to rain again. In the end I just stayed home and had a relaxed evening with a nice dinner watching the Big Bang Theory. They say laughing is the best medicine, so I guess I just wanted to give it a try. As always I also edited some pictures in the morning and wrote a little post on how to use the Olympus Pen E-PL3 for street photography. Finally I also continued reading a book that I started in hospital. Not exactly the best book I’ve ever come about, but somehow I dislike leaving it unfinished. Do you know that feeling? I have quite a number of those unfinished books lying around my apartment and can’t bring myself to just remove the bookmark. Well, those slow rainy days can at least be useful for getting those out of the way.


3 responses

  1. I was just thinking yesterday how long will it take before cars are designed like the 1920s again.

    May 13, 2013 at 11:35 pm

  2. Not only horrific, but very similar each other. In the last few years it only happened me not to finish two books and both the times they were very well written and interesting. But the story were too upsetting for me and I was becoming too anxious. And because of reading before sleeping it was not a good thing. I still have both the books and one day I’ll try again…
    PS: in the same time I finished also books I did not like very much (or at all) but once started I “had” to finish them 🙂

    May 13, 2013 at 11:41 pm

  3. Ute

    A bold fashion statement? I would say quite 80es. Everything comes back time after time. 🙂

    May 14, 2013 at 10:16 pm

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