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© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

This was probably taken at the station Zoologischer Garten. I had to think for a while, so maybe I should put that information into my Lightroom catalog. I have developed a rather convenient workflow in Lightroom, but I guess tagging the pictures doesn’t feature in it. I need to change that I guess.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Taken on the subway.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Not sure why the people are holding on while sitting down. Maybe the conductor didn’t seem trustworthy.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

I like the boy on the right and the grumpy looking one in the background. I guess in this you can see that the autofocus isn’t always doing what I want when I’m shooting from the hip. Maybe I should try the automatic focussing point selection instead of using center point focussing. In the past it felt like it was only working reliably with the kit lens. I haven’t tried it with shooting from the hip though.

All pictures taken with my Canon EOS 450D and my Canon EF 50mm f/1.4.

Although we went outside yesterday I didn’t take my camera with me. We were going grocery shopping and it would have been just too heavy to take it along. However, of course I edited some pictures in the morning, which has become my daily morning routine. I’m also happy with my drawing progress, since I spent 2 hours drawing yesterday. Over time I’m hoping to increase my drawing time as well, but for now that’s all the concentration I could muster. My daily engagement with art and photography is so far going really quite well. I haven’t missed a day and it’s extremely enjoyable to do in any case. The longer I do it, the more I know that this is how I want to spend my days: with creative things.


One response

  1. That’s a great realisation to come to. I’ve been really enjoying your photographs! This is another great set.

    April 13, 2013 at 8:25 pm

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