one day at a time

tree climber

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

When I walked up the stairs to my flat I saw some guy standing on a branch on one of the trees behind my house. Well, of course I had to document it. He didn’t seem to have any purpose there, he was just standing in the tree. Then he climbed a bit further up. I didn’t wait around to watch him further. I had my shot and moved on. Sometimes it’s not really necessary to know what’s going on.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Bored kid in the supermarket. I was bored myself due to the long queues and I happened to have my camera on me.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Surely the weirdest biking shoes ever. Not to mention the bike!

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

The view towards the garages at the back of my house. I have no window in that direction, for which I am eternally grateful! Boring view! It’s not that our view is so great, but this would be even worse. One day I’d like to live in a place with a view again. All I can do here is watch the neighbours going in and out of their house. In England when I lived on campus I had a great view onto the downs. I still miss that view. It’s hard to find a view in the older buildings in Berlin though, unless you want to climb up to the 5th floor without an elevator.

All pictures taken with my Canon EOS 450D and my Canon EF 50mm f/1.4.

Yesterday we went out to one of the touristy bits of town to buy some things for an upcoming trip. I hardly ever venture into these parts of town, because there are just so many people. It’s a good place for shooting street photography I guess, but it tends to feel quite unnerving to be in these narrow streets together with so many people. Since it wasn’t my main goal to take pictures I hardly slowed down and took pictures while walking. A few of them turned out ok, but I find framing still notoriously difficult when shooting from the hip.

We were out for such a long time that I only found time for drawing in bed. By that time I was already really tired, so the outcome wasn’t that great. I’ll try to catch up with my schedule today, but I guess I have to live with the fact that finding time for 2 hours of drawing is generally difficult if you also want to do other things. I’ll continue to try my best.


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