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Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Yes, it’s winter, but that doesn’t keep people inside. It might keep me inside most of the time, because I just hate the cold, but other people seem to enjoy it, especially the kids.

© Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Or the dogs. No matter the weather, a dog still will want to go out. Below zero is much more bearable if you have fur, I guess.

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

Berlin | © Verena Fischer 2013

When I walk around in the neighbourhood, I mostly choose to go along the river, past the library and then out onto a street with lots of people. You can’t really do street photography without people, right? This picture was taken in front of the public library. I’m glad that it’s still a place that caters to kids. Sometimes it seems as if today’s generation is not that into books. Well, maybe they are there for the free computer use, who knows?

All pictures taken with my Canon EOS 450D and my Canon EF 35mm f/2.0 lens about two weeks ago.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time glueing my pictures onto black cardboard for my portfolio. It took me ages and after a while I started to feel dizzy all of a sudden. Only then did I realise that the glue I was using was slightly toxic. It’s cool stuff though. I tend to be quite a klutz when it comes to crafts, so normally glue would most certainly mean glue marks and sticky fingers for me. This glue is different though: It’s on gum basis, so any excess glue can be just rubbed off. No stains, no sticky fingers. The downside is that unintentionally I was getting high on it. Ah, the things we do for art! I opened a couple of windows and carried on, but it took the better part of an hour after finishing until I felt normal again. At that point I decided to go out, because I thought the fresh air would help and I also forgot to pick up labelling stickers at the office supply shop. I had to put my name on all the stuff in the portfolio and if I needed to spell my name 20 times, I was sure I would muck it up at least once out of repetition. Spelling errors on a sticker can be rectified by just trying again, but writing it on the cardboard would be permanent. In the end I didn’t even mess it up, but better safe than sorry. And yeah, I’m that clever! Even a klutz who can’t spell can get this right with some good tools!

Out in the street I felt like it was a good opportunity to practice shooting from the hip. Difficult I tell you! The interesting part is that people still notice. When I was looking at the pictures later I realised not only that my framing was often far off, but also that quite a number of people were looking at the camera as if they were completely aware that I was taking pictures. Maybe I was still looking at them, who knows. Another thing I noticed is that 1/250s is not enough when you’re moving yourself, quite a number of shaky pictures as well. Next time I’ll try 1/500s.

Back home I finished up my portfolio, removed all the leftover glue, tacked the stickers on the back and put all of it in the portfolio itself. The portfolio is a black affair with straps around the corners, very simple but definitely nice. I had ordered it online for a very reasonable price. It will probably seem rather small in comparison to all the huge portfolios people with paintings will submit. I printed the pictures 20x30cm and mounted them on A3 black cardboard. Allowed are portfolios up to A0, which is huge (8 times the size of mine I think). Now I only have to go there and hand it in. I still can’t quite believe that I’m doing this! Well, I’m not even going to tell you to wish me luck, since I don’t really believe that I have a chance at all. It’s like asking people to wish you luck with the lottery.

In any case, no matter how crazy it is, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?


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  1. Love the little girl running 🙂

    March 28, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    • That’s my favourite as well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      April 5, 2013 at 1:35 pm

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