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strange choreography (#381)

strange choreography © Verena Fischer 2012

strange choreography © Verena Fischer 2012

Camera: Canon EOS 450D | ISO : 1600 | Focal Length: 53.0 mm | Aperture: 5.6 | Shutter Speed : 1/200


After a couple of weeks of taking pictures on film exclusively I took the Canon out for a bit of shooting. This picture was taken yesterday at the Sony Center here in Berlin. These boys suddenly self-organised into this movement reacting to the fountain. Lucky timing for me.

By now you probably know that the Sony Center houses the English language cinema. We were there to see Total Recall, the remake of the great 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I am working on a little review for one of my next posts, but I would like to re-watch the original to have a proper comparison. I enjoyed the original and remember it quite vividly, but with some bits I’m not quite sure anymore. The details of movies slip easily at times, especially if you watch as many movies as I do. Still, I remember it well, unlike some recently produced movies. In fact, those recent movies I often don’t remember at all after a while because they are just not so memorable. The acting is often bad or at least unremarkable, the stories are derivative and, worst of all, rarely do they ever cause any additional thought on the subject matter.

Did you also notice how many remakes are produced nowadays? It’s as if Hollywood is scared of original screenwriting. Well, it’s not as if anyone would notice. For most people already a movie from the 90s is a movie too old to be worth watching.


2 responses

  1. I watch very few movies as I have usually read the book and the film version is usually sadly lacking in comparison.
    I love this shot – your photographs give me a sense of jealousy: I have a very hard time taking photos of strangers. I am always so worried that I am going to cause offense and that they are going to come after me demanding that I delete the photo! Likely, just my imagination overreacting, but with as mean as people are in the States, probably a safe bet!

    September 1, 2012 at 2:38 am

  2. I totally agree! I grew up in the 80s and therefore, the 90s. I still Remember details in the really great movies like, Total Recall. I loved it when it first came out and still do, to this day! I am 50/50 as far as venturing out to see the remake. Because, I don’t want to be disappointed! lol. Those are rather big shoes to fill. And graphics upgraded, can either make or break a remake. Anyhow, happy to visit your page. Great pic of the boys and their natural reactions! thanks for sharing!

    September 2, 2012 at 12:34 am

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