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Gleisdreieck (#379)

Gleisdreieck © Verena Fischer 2012

Gleisdreieck © Verena Fischer 2012

Camera: Canon EOS 450D | ISO : 100 | Focal Length: 18.0 mm | Aperture: 5.0 | Shutter Speed : 1/800


This picture could have been so much better if only someone had thought of the poor photographers who have to put up with such ugly foreground elements. Terrible! Sadly trespassing in broad daylight wasn’t really an option. Normally I wouldn’t care about a No Trespassing sign, but when it comes to safety related ones Germans do get a bit anal.

I’m enjoying some quiet time at home now, reading Science Fiction novels and watching countless movies. Certainly the best choice of entertainment for a holiday. Seriously, I’m not the person to run about from museum to museum on a break, so this is precisely how I like it.

(By the way, did anyone notice that the original TRON movie didn’t age well at all? To me it just seemed ridiculous and that was *after* suspending every last one of my beliefs. I guess it must have been pretty cool back in the day though. The visuals must have made up for the shoddy acting, which is definitely not the case anymore at all.)


One response

  1. I also have little respect for No Trespassing signs, unless of course it’s for an inhabited house.

    August 30, 2012 at 5:54 pm

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