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Looking at you (#378)

Looking at you © Verena Fischer 2012

Looking at you © Verena Fischer 2012

Camera: Zorki 3C | ISO : 400 | Focal Length: 50.0 mm | Film: Ilford HP5 Plus | #3


This picture was taken in Friedrichshain before checking out the flea market on Boxhagener Platz. It is an area that is full of interesting graffiti and street art, so always worth a visit.

On the Zorki front I am still unable to resolve the sprocket hole issue. I put some foam into the bottom both under the roll and the take up spool, which didn’t work as planned. I don’t know whether it helped with the sprocket holes on the picture yet, but in any case, it jammed the film advance after just a few shots. Well, I thought, let’s not give up that easily. I just took out the foam on one side. This worked for 2 shots until it jammed again. I probably just have to live with the sprocket holes in the pictures after all.

I will think some more about the problem. Maybe I still come up with a solution after all. However, I learned my lesson: No more experiments on the road when I only have one camera with me.


One response

  1. mostlymonochrome

    Good point, it can often come down to how many spares you have in your equipment bag.

    August 28, 2012 at 11:21 pm

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