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day 363: dieselpunk

dieselpunk © Verena Fischer 2012

dieselpunk © Verena Fischer 2012


Yesterday we finally managed to go to the Technology Museum here in Berlin and it was just great. Normally 1 1/2 hours in a museum are about as much as I can take, but in this museum there was just so much great stuff to see, that we really didn’t have enough time. The place is full of old trains, planes, ships and machinery, and we didn’t nearly see everything. We spent a lot of time taking pictures of trains and there is a large section with old cameras that was just fascinating. I saw a FED 1, and a Zorki 4 compared right with the original Leicas they were copying. Extremely cool!

Finally after about an hour of wandering around aimlessly we made our way to look for the planes. Sometime during that search we stumbled over the two beauties in the picture. They could have come right out of a dieselpunk comic. Well, naturally you can’t actually stumble over them, because they are just massive! In fact a lot of the old locomotives were huge, much bigger than you’d expect. Considering that we still wandered around the part of the museum dedicated to trains, it tells you that the museum is big enough to get lost in it. In the end we found the right part of the museum in another building. We ignored a 2 floor exhibition on ships and went right up to the flying machines. Massive airplanes, bombers from WW2, wreckage, engines and propellers, it was fascinating! Suddenly it was half an hour later and the museum was closing. Did I mention all the old computer technology that we didn’t find? Well, apparently we have to go back again for a second time to really see all the stuff we wanted to see and maybe to look at some things in more detail.


2 responses

  1. I would definitely go back…it sounds like a great place!!!

    August 15, 2012 at 7:24 pm

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