one day at a time

day 358: group dynamic

group dynamic © Verena Fischer 2012

group dynamic © Verena Fischer 2012


Since yesterday was Sunday, it would have been the day to go to the flea market. However, it was a rainy day and so we decided not to go in the end. Instead we had a relaxing day inside, reading, watching things and so on. At some point it cleared up a bit and these kids were playing downstairs. They had some very odd interactions and at first I just wanted to photograph them, because every one of them was eating a banana. Silly me, clicked a few shots before realising that there was no card in the camera. Although I missed the bananas, I still got some nice action in this shot.

Funny, sometimes it’s not even necessary to leave the house to take street pictures.


One response

  1. Tammy

    This makes me smile…although the bananas would have made me smile more lol I forget to put cards in all the time, glad I am not the only one!

    August 7, 2012 at 3:49 pm

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