one day at a time

day 355: style

style © Verena Fischer 2012

style © Verena Fischer 2012


When it’s hot in Berlin like these days the subway becomes almost as unbearable as the underground in London. It’s stuffy, hot, humid and apparently it’s worse on some lines than on others. The U9 was still alright, but once we crossed over to the U6 I felt like I was suffocating. The lines were built at different times, so maybe that’s why one of them has better airflow than the other. Crazy as we are, we actually had a tango class in this heat. Somehow we survived it despite the heat and it was lots of fun.

I had my 50mm lens on my Canon and on the way back home I took some pictures with it. Silly me, I forgot to adjust for the missing image stabiliser on the lens, so most of the pictures have a bit of shake in it. If only I had adjusted the aperture a bit! Somehow I managed to get this one reasonably stable although I was shooting way below the rule of thumb.

The crazy-people-on-the-subway highlight was a wired junkie chucking a used syringe into the bins and then shouting at people for looking at him. For some reason he was carrying two pink flowers as well. Sadly my picture of him had too much shake. What a beginner mistake! Well, every time I change lenses I always need a bit to adjust my habits.

Oh, by the way, 10 days to go until my 365 project is over.


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