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day 125: lost in translation

lost in translation © Verena Fischer 2011

lost in translation © Verena Fischer 2011

These days I haven’t had much time to dance tango. It was all packing, moving out, moving in, buying and assembling furniture, the usual when you’re moving. My mum came to help us move the stuff from one place to the other and we also had to make sure that the builders that were still in the flat on Wednesday and Thursday actually did their job properly. They were slow, sloppy and at one point even wanted to saw into one of the kitchen cupboards. You basically had to stand right next to them and watch or else you’d end up with 3 different types of door handles in one room if they didn’t forget to put the door in altogether. When they gave me one of the mailboxes they broke 2 more in the process. And just as I was glad they were done we realised that one of the thermostats is broken. More builders, oh dear …

The picture shows an academic book about tango which I’m reading at the moment. There is this myth that you can’t write about a dance, because something gets lost in the process. However, I think such books can still help in understanding what’s going on when we dance.


One response

  1. Sounds a bit like my building skills!

    December 19, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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