one day at a time

day 6: the third door

the third door

the third door © Verena Fischer

After 14 times 1.5 h mind-numbing driving theory lessons I am now finally finished! Today I had my last lesson and after it I felt so relieved! Since I moved here every week I went to at least one of these lessons on my bike although it was dreadful and boring enough for my brain to attempt to vacate my skull (it never did, but I would have totally understood …). Well, it’s finally over!

This also means, however, that I now have little reason to go to Charlottenburg where some of the theory classes, including today’s class, were held. I’m not particularly sad about it, since most of the buildings in this particular area are rather ugly modern blocks, but I certainly wanted to use the opportunity to take some picture of the town hall of Charlottenburg which rather impressed me when I saw it for the first time. It was built between 1899 and 1905 and Heinrich Reinhardt as well as Georg Süßenguth were its architects. Like so many buildings it was badly damaged in WW2, but it was rebuilt after the war and now it’s one haunting building with Gargoyles and all sorts of ornaments in the midst of rather modern looking boring blocks.

I had a look inside too and the building convinces with interesting wall decorations and strangely lit corridors that give the place an interesting character. Today’s picture is again of a strange door. I found it in the entrance of the library which is part of the building. The door has a sign on it that says “Reinigung” which could either mean that it’s a laundrette or a cleaning cupboard. After a quick look through the little window in the door I realised that neither the sign nor the view from this little window could give me any clue as to what’s going on behind that door. It’s the third mysterious door since yesterday …


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