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day 1 – into the bauhaus sky

into the bauhaus sky

into the bauhaus sky © Verena Fischer 2011

For a while now I wanted to get back into photography. A few years ago I was eager and took pictures of almost anything, but then I started to study at university and became so busy that I stopped. I have attempted several times to start again, but I found it very hard to integrate it into a daily routine. Now, about 2 years after my last attempt, I am just about finished with university and I have some free time coming my way very soon. Therefore I have decided that it’s time to get some external motivation and start this blog. Every day I will take pictures and present one of these pictures here on this blog. One day, one experience at a time. So, let’s start with day 1:

Currently I live in Berlin and today Ezequiel, my fiance, and me went to the bauhaus archive. I generally am very interested in classical modern art and the Bauhaus is also interesting for me because Paul Klee taught there and I really like him. Today, however, was mostly about photography, also in the exhibition which featured pictures by Albert Renger-Patzsch of one of the bauhaus buildings. The building was the Fagus factory which is a factory of shoe lasts. The pictures were black and white pictures of the premises meant for advertising combined with orthopedic pictures of the effect of wearing the wrong shoes, rather strange! In comparison I was less impressed by the exhibition and the collection than I was when I saw the collection in combination with an exhibition of the prints and posters produced by the bauhaus – I cannot remember when that was, a few years ago maybe. It was then when I saw the bauhaus archive for the first time. Although this visit was less good than that first one, I had a very good time anyway and I took some pictures of Ezequiel and of the building. The picture is of a sculpture or let’s say “decorative element” which is located in front of the bauhaus archive building on the side of Klingelhöferstraße. In any case, I can only recommend to visit this museum. It gives interesting insights into classical modern art in Germany in the 1920’ies.


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  1. Ute

    Dear Verena,
    your posting was very inspiring and reminded me of my time at the “Colleg” in Essen. At Zeche Zollverein they have also a Museum with a special Exhibition of only “red dot” design awarded items. I think they had also some at least “Bauhaus-Inspired” Stuff there – I should go there again from time to time, even if it´s only for the special atmosphere there. And last time I was in the “METRO” i saw a little jar with a quick-acting cover from “Jenaer Glas” – it was a remake of a Bauhaus design by Wilhelm Wagenfeld – it looked so simple but beautiful, and you can boil two egs inside, it´s called “Eierkoch” – even the name is funny.
    Go on taking Photographs – I remember having seen some a few years ago and I liked them pretty much! So all the Best to you in Berlin or wherever you are. See you someone, somewhere in Summertime 😉

    August 13, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    • experimentsinexperience

      Dear Ute,
      I’m very glad to hear that you liked the post! I think I have also seen the special exhibition at the Zeche Zollverein (or maybe I only intended to and now I can’t remember?). And I also really like the atmosphere at design exhibitions. It’s this kind of feeling of “Look, we created something shiny and new”! Excited big smiles, like one usually sees on designer faces, just in product form. Sometimes it can also become a bit too much, especially when it’s really commercialized like  products, but generally I like this sort of thing. I vaguely remember the Jenaer Glas pieces, although they were not in the exhibition this time. I looked up the Eierkoch, so simple and nice! Very cool 🙂
      Thanks also for the great encouragement, really helps me to get started with this 🙂 I hope we see each other again sometime in summertime 😉 (Where are you at the moment?) Kisses from Berlin

      August 13, 2011 at 5:22 pm

      • Ute

        Ah – found your Site with great Pictures again *makes me happy*.
        I´m in Duisburg since about 8 Years and I don´t seem to move away from here – but who knows. Yeah someone, somewehere in Summertime 🙂
        See you and have a good time. By the way have you found out how to use the “Eierkoch”?
        Hugs & Kisses from Duisburg 😉

        April 26, 2013 at 5:59 pm

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